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Political correctness will destroy us all

Muslims holding a sigh in free Palestine rally

picture from unsplash

Before long, political correctness will destroy us all. "My dear mother, I am proud full of emotion and full of sadness to be a part of it. I love you, it will be alright❤️" "Mother, promise me you won't lose it if you don't hear from me for a long time."

This is what he wrote when he was called to the massacre scene.

My Boy.

My soldier son.

He needs to confront

with boys his own age who kills innocent people, while he tries to save human life.

When my son was educated on loving people regardless of who they are and valued human life above all else,

The other learned that murdering a Jew is above all else.  From the moment he was born, he dreams of being a "shahed" - to die a martyr's death -

who are these martyrs? Those who murdered and massacred children, women, and old people.

After I came to my senses, I looked out into the world and had a hard time finding out influential, international social organizations, many of which I am a part, fail to understand where to draw the line when it comes to political correctness, which for them, is a way of life.

Our determination to “do right” by everyone, afraid to offend anyone for even a moment, flattens reality and blinds us to it. Israel is facing a genocidal terrorist organization, which targets even its own people in the name of their ideology. Those who are calling for the end of war in the name of peace while ignoring the complicated reality of addressing terrorism are, quite simply, completely disconnected from reality.

To support the “freedom” fighters is to agree to the Hamas-ISIS alliance promoting the establishment of a theocratic Palestinian Islamic state across every inch of the State of Israel, As written in the Hamas manifesto “Allah is its target, the Prophet is its model, the Quran is its constitution, Jihad is its path and death for the sake of Allah is the loftiest of its wishes.”

Does this really go hand in hand with the enlightened, democratic world?

If so, why are there millions who have fled such regimes to live in democratic Western countries, who enjoy a pluralistic lifestyle that not only allows freedom of religion and worship, but also allows freedom of speech and the rights of women and other minorities?

I understand that agreeing to see things as they are bringing us face to face with a difficult reality. Establishing a firm and uncompromising, often unpopular, position is not easy, however, when we take the avoidance approach, we may find ourselves in the eye of the storm, and even as victims. These threats have never been closer to home, even if most people in the Western world refuse to see it.

Terrorism is terrorism!

A war on terror hurts those who are not involved. This is a fact that we witnessed in many cases, like in the war against Al Qaeda and ISIS, for example. At the same time, eliminating violent terrorist organizations, such as ISIS, Al Qaeda, as well as Hamas, is the only way to maintain a civilized, ethical, and morality-oriented world that ensures the rights of people in all countries worldwide.

The conflation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to this onerous war on Islamic terrorism is a huge mistake. In my heart, I wish for peace between Israelis and Palestinians. But Hamas is not fighting for peace—placing these two conflicts under the same umbrella hurts our chances for peace and will keep hurting the entire free world.

My son is fighting side by side with thousands of other children in the name of humanity. In the name of goodness and fairness. For the sake of love of mankind. He is fighting against Hamas, bloodthirsty monsters who seek to destroy Israel and the Jewish people, ostensibly in the name of Islam. He is fighting depraved terrorists, who could not be further from working to protect the interests of the Palestinian people, much less humanity and freedom.

When you seek to create a balance between the sides, ask yourself what a proportional response might look like to the brutal massacre that took place on October 7th in the early morning of a Jewish holiday. They entered homes with families, raped the women, beheaded them, slaughtered their children, and kidnapped over 230 women, children, men, grandfathers and grandmothers.

When you are determined to remain politically correct, think about those Palestinian children, whose homes were invaded by Hamas-ISIS, trapping them in their homes In order to serve as human shields. Think about all of the people in Gaza-hospitals seeking a cure for their body and relief for their soul, while knowing that under their pillow, there are rocket launchers aimed at Israel. Think about all those children who have terrorists hiding in their school yards and kindergartens with rocket launchers and explosives. Think about all those Palestinian families hit by a total of 550 missiles that were aimed at Israel but landed on them.

Are these freedom fighters? Are these the saviors of the Palestinian people?

I am not an expert neither on Islam nor on Christianity or Judaism, but I know this much.

It is possible and necessary to separate Christians from Crusaders.

It is possible and necessary to separate Judaism from Messianic Jews.

It is possible and necessary to separate Muslims from the disastrous ideology of terrorists fighting in the name of Islam.

History is full of wars of religion and race.

The current war in the Middle East, which may lead to World War III, emerged from the ideology of a murderous terrorist organization.

If we choose to remain politically correct, and if we continue to label this war as a war for a people’s freedom – the Western countries will find themselves in an existential war against this ideology.

As a mother of a soldier and two teenage girls, as a social justice advocate, a businesswoman and social entrepreneur, I ask all the mothers of the world, all women’s organizations, and social organizations, for which political correctness is a way of life, to wake up!

I urge you to stand against a terrorist organization with a murderous ideology, for the benefit of the Israeli people, the Palestinian people and every person who wishes for peace and love for humanity.

Orit Cohen,

Haifa, Israel

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