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The Power Of 100!

In order for us to make a significant impact towards our goal of making the Israeli society more tolerant and value-oriented, we understand that we must be active in the field, hands-on.

Therefore, we are building a women’s community composed of task groups that will undergo relevant training in order to be able to take action across the various channels of influence, such as education, culture, art, media, entrepreneurship and more.

What are task groups?

It takes time to achieve a significant change and create broad circles of influence.

We invite you to be part of The Power Of 100 – the first 100 women who will lead the change!

The purpose of task groups:

  1. To create circles of influence in various areas that will interface into one big circle of good – a better, more tolerant and more value-oriented Israeli society.

  2. Create a safe space that promotes connections and collaborations by protecting the common interests of different sectors and cultures and beliefs.

So, what do we actually do?

We offer life skills development and tools to create a positive impact – on yourself, on your immediate environment and on other areas you would like to influence.

The tools we impart deal with the development of listening skills that promote compassionate communication, becoming acquainted with mediation techniques that focus on connecting the needs and interests and finding the value you bring to the world by mapping the resources within you and around you.

What does the program include?

Workshop No. 1

Developing a profound ability to listen to ourselves and others,
and adopt compassionate communication that empowers both the speaker and the listener.

The method puts an accent on listening without judgment and criticism, speaking honestly and authentically, accepting and respecting the other.


Workshop No. 2

Mediation techniques – mediation is an alternative method of conflict resolution in which a neutral entity helps the conflicting parties to reach an agreement based on needs and interests, which is formulated as an agreement that expresses the common interest of the parties along with the difference of opinion.

Workshop No. 3

The value model – a tool for creating value and social impact by exploring the “I” and building an impact roadmap focused on capabilities, needs and existing resources – human and economic.

Meeting No. 4

A round table meeting – brainstorming and connections to find solutions.

The next step

The process of developing ideas in groups.

Meeting No. 5

The meeting will focus on presenting solutions and setting objectives.

Setting off

Connecting to a network of influential, change-leading women – support for mentors, enrichment and establishment of new relationships with similar and different women.

Who is it suitable for?

A municipality that seeks to develop and promote the city’s women to a position from which they would be able to make a social impact, and wishes to be part of a network of cities that promote tolerance.

A company that is interested in giving significant tools to its employees for personal development and in order to encourage them to make an impact inside and outside the company.

Any salaried or self-employed woman committed to social impact, who wants to be part of the Power of 100 network of influential women.

*Registration does not guarantee participation.
The number of participants is limited.

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