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# I AM WHO I AM Project
was created out of deep pain,
based on an outside and inside
view of our society.

Israel in the year 2023 is a broken, divided society filled with hate.

It’s an inseparable part of our daily life, as we experience it on the roads, at work, on social media, and in the family.

I believe

I believe that at it is our duty to take responsibility in this critical time for the Israeli (and global) society, and put control back into our hands return in order to restore our faith in humanity – in those who are similar to us and in those who are different from us.

In order to change the frequency to a frequency of compassion and gratitude.

In order to build new relationships based on needs and abilities, common interests and recognition of the power of a diverse community to provide a sense of confidence,
peace of mind, and quality of life that promotes equal opportunities and social justice.

How does it work?

We are active in three domains:

Personal: lectures, workshops and group facilitation to impart skills that would allow to establish multisector and multicultural connections, and conduct activities across various channels of influence, such as media, education, culture and more.

Public: displaying exhibition items in public spaces to raise awareness and get financial support.

Media: in digital and traditional media, according to the budget we will manage to raise.

How can you get involved?

Present the
“# I AM WHO I AM” Exhibition in the public space and contribute to the efforts aimed to raise awareness, change the discourse and create a tolerant society.

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Order an activity tailored to the organization.

In our toolbox – workshops, lectures and bundles tailored to budgets and levels of organizational involvement.

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