The impact model we have developed in MOOTAG is based on the United Nations program called "Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development" and its 17 Values (SDGs).

The model was developed based on many years of experience in branding, social entrepreneurship, meaningful learning in Israel and around the world, faith in people, creating a diverse network and a great passion to change, influence and leave a better world for the future generations.
Our model first thinks about your brand, the company, its profits and its employees and connects the precise value that maximizes the company's ability to produce meaningful impact.

The goals of the model are:


Developing a management strategy aims to a multi-channel impact that advances the interests and profits of the company along with global goals for development and sustainability.


Creating a value-oriented organizational culture and promoting a good and effective work environment for both employees and the community.


Maximizing the impact that the company can create-- organizational, economic and social, by focusing on one of the 17 values that are connected to the company's DNA and business core.


Strengthening the brand among the employees and all target audiences of the company. Raising awareness of the selected value among the general population.








​You know the saying - If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together!

We offer to build high quality and promoting collaborations that can change the world  and promote all the business partners together.


We know that as an organization you care, we know that you strives to change, but, have you ever thought that you could make a significant impact that would change the world? We're here to help you think big! Make change that you can see and experience inside and outside the organization.


​Two lines of profit. Yes two, one economic and the other social, is definitely possible. There are already examples and learning in the world that proves that two lines of profit can be produced and feed one another. When your investment in the community is accurate and properly managed, you can see its impact on the company's economic status.


Does your investment in the community related to the company's core business? Does it accurate to your values and vision? Is it glocal? Our Impact Wheel will help you maximize results, map your organization, assets and resources and produce the best possible results for your brand, organization and the world.

positive impact on the company economic status

Unique and responsible brand

Business partners, suppliers and customers who are involved and loyal

Employees who care, belong and  committed




One stop shop -

strategy, branding. impact

Knowledge and experience in setting up and supporting social enterprises, businesses and non-profit organizations

Expert partners in their fields

15 years of experience in commercial and social branding

Practical knowledge alongside education and training at national and international level

Experts in community development and multi sector ventures

Orit Cohen, owner and CEO of “Mootag” specializes in building comprehensive branding strategies for organizations and products. With over 15 years of experience in the social and commercial area, “Mootag” earned a reputation of high quality work, product and added value to Their customers. Orit brings with her much added experience as a marketing manager in the third largest retail company in Israel, as an account manager in a marketing firm, a project manager in a communications company and as a advertising and operations manager in a printing company, as well as a social and political activist and entrepreneur. “Mootag” has lots of experience working with non-profit organizations building strategic processes and branding in various areas of work. Orit gained much practical experience alongside formal education on the national and international levels: Graduate of Communication Studies – Tel Aviv University. Graduate of Directors course – Bar Ilan University. Graduate of VIP Responsibility and Social Mobility – Haifa and Boston.

Seminar graduate and mentor in the “Women Building a Shared Future” program in accordance to U.N. Resolution 1325. Graduate of the international Global Ambassadors Program for leading women on the subject of business women changing the world – Vital Voices Global Partnership. Graduate of Political Leadership course. Orit dreamed up and launched the initiative for training, employment of youth at risk in areas of design and technology (“Mootag” Life skills). With the years of experience gained in different areas (social, commercial and political), she created the B4C model that aids organizations, authorities and education systems in maximizing their abilities to create a multi-channel impact based on the 17 U.N. values for sustainable development. Orit is a mother of three children, entrepreneur and a social visionary leader with a creative and realistic sense. She lectures on branding, women in entrepreneurship, and creating a socio-economic impact.





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