A hub for at risk teens.

Over 200,000 young adults between ages 18-25 are at risk in Israel. They have no family support/ occupational future.




4 years later, I managed to make my dream come true. Youths labeled as “at risk” can choose another way.

To dream, to learn, to narrow the gaps and succeed, to give back to society and not be a burden. To believe they can and to work towards their goals.


I recruited around 50 good people I did not previously know. I built a social business for training, employment, and entrepreneurship for youths who are at risk in the fields of design and technology. We renovated a building in a joint effort and raised money for the purchasing of equipment and computers for the classroom.


In a joint effort with the Haifa Municipal Occupation Center and the Wizo Academic Center, I built a program for training in branding and website construction with a strong emphasis on life skills, and personal and group coaching.


In collaboration with the Haifa Municipal Occupation Center, I recruited 13 “at risk” youths through welfare services, charities, and other organizations throughout the city.

100% finished training

76.92%- 10 out 13 finished the program

7 out of 13 started studying at higher education institutions

The Entrepreneur | Orit Cohen


Active philanthropy is one of the pillars of a healthy and prosperous civilian corporation that gives an economic driving force for growth and active citizenship.

A culture of social involvement and giving back to the community promotes development and implementation of solutions for problems in different sectors of Israeli society.

Supporting a social business makes a small business grow and enlarges job opportunities, in addition to giving the less fortunate the means and skills to support themselves.


What now?

We operated well, succeeded, and gained valuable lessons on what we can and need to improve. On the basis of our previous program’s success, we have built a new program- One that is longer, more comprehensive, and includes more strategic partners.

Our Vision and Goals

A healthy and functioning society- The creation of a healthier society more dedicated towards solidarity. Breaking the cycle of poverty, violence and hardships of families that require welfare and create circles of influence between different sectors of society. Changing Reality Increasing awareness via building social campaigns as part of our contribution to society with the graduates. Building people who will be an inspiration and a role model after many years in the margins of society. Building wide circles of influence via a tri-sectoral connection- through both business and social means. Establishment of more programs through collaboration with municipalities and organizations.

The idea

Establishment of a hub for learning the digital fields for at risk youths, as part of a working business and in collaboration with a large market power. It allows: A new point-of-view on the business world, builds confidence and self-appreciation, and weaves dreams in places that never dared dreaming. The way: Building cycles of 9 months of training, practical experience, employment, and entrepreneurship in the brand and application in additional corporations.

What is a social business?

A social business is a corporation established for the purpose of alleviating or bringing to public awareness a social or environmental challenge via corporate management methods. A social business aims for a double gain- both in terms of finances and achieving social/environmental goals. The first and foremost target, of course, is achieving said goals, but after that comes gaining profits. A social business attempts to attain these social goals through business- and strives for profits to be its main source of funding, if not the only one. The success of a social business will come to be seen through a growth in profits in parallel to the attainment of said goals. Social businesses are a new type of businesses and are established in many different sectors and tackle various problems.

Who are we?

We are a social business for the training, employment, and entrepreneurship of youths in the fields of graphic design and technology. We create a plethora of job opportunities in a field full of inspiration and greatness. We offer a unique model that allows youths to escape the cycle of poverty and hardship, and allow them to enter a new cycle of growth, and experience success and employment. We sustain ourselves through building business initiatives in cooperation with professional partners and the youths.


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